Tax Checkup

You have to pay property taxes but there is no need to leave a tip! Spend 5 minutes and complete the Property Tax Checkup form below to determine if you can reduce your tax load (essential fields are denoted with a red asterisk*). Your Assessment Notice contains your Assessment Acct. Role # and Property Access Number/Key. In order to maximise your tax savings we may call you if you do not complete all of the remaining fields. Property Tax Checkup is free with Promo Code ONAP2019 for properties located in Ontario, and costs just $250 (plus HST) for properties located in the Atlantic Provinces. We use high definition, three dimensional aerial and satellite photography to gather information on the physical attributes of your property, retrieve your assessment records (using the Property Access Number) and then deploy CompuVal®, our leading edge IT platform, to analyse comparable sales and assessments. The analysis is reviewed by a member of our Property Tax Team who will then email you the results. No men with big boots will come to call; nor will we raise false expectations. If there is an opportunity to lighten your tax load, you can to retain our services or proceed on your own, the choice is yours… did we mention that the Property Tax Checkup is free with a valid Promo Code? If you prefer you can call us toll free at 1-800-567-3033 (this is not a call centre). Property Tax Checkup is not available for homes (sorry!).