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Minimize Your Property Taxes

Our Property Tax Team conducts property tax appeals on every type of real estate, small and large; apartments and airports, corner stores and container piers, funeral parlours and fish plants, peat moss producers and port facilities, shopping centres and shipyards, wind farms and … well you get the idea. We are busy buggers.

We undertake property assessment appeals coast to coast, with particular emphasis on Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. CompuVal®, our proprietary knowledge base, arms our Property Tax Team with the property assessment and sales data necessary to successfully conduct property tax appeals throughout the region. From our offices in Toronto, Saint John, Charlottetown, Halifax and St. John’s, they manage the assessment appeal process in municipalities such as Ottawa, Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Niagara Falls, Windsor, Sarnia, in Ontario; Edmundston, Bathurst, Fredericton, Saint John, Moncton, in New Brunswick; Summerside and Charlottetown in PEI; Sydney, New Glasgow, Amherst, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), Yarmouth, in Nova Scotia; St. John’s, Gander, Corner Brook, in Newfoundland.

Enroll your property in our Property Tax Checkup to determine if the opportunity exists to reduce your property tax load (no homes, sorry!).

History as Property Tax Agents

We were conceived in 1976, in the hard scrabble world of Atlantic Canada, the most data deprived and business hostile environment in Canada … a land where provincial assessment departments consider it their God given right to command … and property owners to pay. Since the assessment authorities controlled the sales data on which their property assessments were based, they initially restricted access to that information and refused to provide us with assessments of comparable properties … even contacting the owners we were representing on property tax appeals to suggest that they deal direct with the assessment department. It forced us to innovate: we designed and built CompuVal®, a leading edge IT platform capable of acquiring, integrating, and analysing, sales, assessment, rental, revenue and operating expense data from multiple sources, flexible enough to operate in any province and able to incorporate new technologies and data sources as they become available. That early experience of negotiating with reluctant and arrogant property assessment authorities, fighting in court where necessary, molded our approach to assessment appeals. We developed a seven year training and education program to create a Property Tax Team second to none, a data centric focus, and a culture of fighting for the last dollar of property tax savings for clients. Property Tax Success Stories graphically demonstrates how that investment has paid off for clients seeking to minimize their property tax load.

Mission Statement

We listen to clients; then deploy a structured process to investigate and build a case for lightening the property tax load. Excellence is our nom de guerre: we strive to be the benchmark by which others are measured. We are one of the few property tax agents in Canada governed by a quality system registered to the international ISO 9001 standard … and every six months we ask property tax clients to measure our Work Quality Performance. We always place the interests of our clients, past and present, before our own by scrupulously avoiding conflicts of interest … and bring humour, passion, curiosity, and an insatiable appetite to learn to every assignment. Apart from that, we are pretty laid back.

Regulated by RICS

Turner Drake & Partners Ltd. is a professional services firm regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS Firm Registration #008191). RICS Rules of Conduct for members and firms are available on their web site at www.rics.org/rules.

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St. John's: Tel. # 709-722-1811 Saint John:     Tel. # 506-634-1811
Toronto: Tel. # 416-504-1811    

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Latest News

Success Stories

  • Apartment Building
    Tax Savings: $35,619
  • Furniture Store
    Tax Savings: $16,800
  • Supermarket
    Tax Savings: $2,169,256
  • Bottling Plant
    Tax Savings: $220,289
  • Strip Plaza
    Tax Savings: $17,859
  • Self-Storage Facility
    Tax Savings: $700,000
  • Curling Rink
    Tax Savings: 20%
  • Automotive Dealership
    Tax Savings: $15,600
  • Sawmill
    Tax Savings: $1,476,096
  • Office Building
    Tax Savings: $26,902
  • Manufacturing Plant
    Tax Savings: $100,000
  • Aerospace Plant
    Tax Savings: $266,000
  • Concrete Plant
    Tax Savings: $29,849
  • Fertiliser Plant
    Tax Savings: $333,556
  • Container Pier
    Tax Savings: $184,000
  • Meat Packing Plant
    Tax Savings: $250,000
  • Hotel/Motel
    Tax Savings: 34%
  • Lead Smelter
    Tax Savings: $1,035,691